Technology Support

Our technology support ticket system has moved to BVCPS Google Apps.  This help desk is integrated into your BVCPS Google Account.  Sign in to your BVCPS Google Account then follow the directions below.

When you click on the eStreamDesk, it will direct you to the eStreamDesk Main redirect page. Type in the web address: Once your account is associated with the help desk, you will not have to enter this address again.
From now on when you click on the eStreamDesk from your BVCPS Google Account, you will taken directly to the ticket system page.

Once you are ready to submit your support ticket, please pay careful attention to the DEPARTMENTS. Your building level ITRT will be your first form of contact. So when filling in the support ticket, in the department area, please be sure to choose your respective school. The support ticket will go to your building level ITRT and if it is something that they need assistance with from the technology support staff then they will escalate the ticket to the Technology Department.  


Submitting a support ticket will get your requests addressed in a timely manner. You will be able to track your ticket and the tickets you submit will be kept in your account. One huge advantage to the new system is that you will be able to access the BVCPS Ticket Support System from your home or from anywhere in the world if you are signed into your BVCPS Google Account!

The Knowledge Base is also an integrated part of the BVCPS Google Ticket Support System.  Please check the articles, tips, FAQ, etc. located right on the same page.

As always, if you have any questions, or need help, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Kathy Jennings
Technology Support Specialist/Webmaster
Buena Vista City Public Schools